MyLifeProtected enables trusted brands and affinity groups to further engage their customers through insurance distribution. Our turn-key solution allows partners to make a wide variety of protection products available to their audience.

Here's what MyLifeProtected can do for your business:

  • Introduce relevant products to your customers
  • Generate a steady stream of fee income
  • Unlock your business's cross-sell potential
  • Private-label or co-brand your unique template
  • Provide a website that's built for any mobile device
  • No overhead in managing carrier relationships; we handle that for you
  • Digital and offline sales channels
  • Marketing and sales support from our consumer marketing experts

Features of the MyLifeProtected Platform

  • Choice Model Auto and Home Insurance

  • API Driven Technology Platform B2B2C and B2C

  • PCI Compliant National Sales & Service Center

  • Ecommerce Features Built for Affinity Organizations

  • Mobile Ready Technology

  • The Most Robust Product and Carrier Mix in the Market

Affinity Verticals

Businesses of many kinds use MyLifeProtected to distribute insurance to their customers. No matter the vertical, MyLifeProtected can be of value to companies that place an emphasis on customer experience and wish to expose their customers to products that are relevant to their lives.

Financial Services

  • Banks
  • Credit unions

Digital Media

  • Publishing companies
  • Aggregators
  • Content providers


  • Carriers
  • Brokers & agents
  • InsurTech companies

Consumer Brands

  • Ecommerce retailers
  • Brick-and-mortar retailers
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