Understanding Your Risk

There's insurance out there for just about anything (even your body parts!). How do you choose what plans are right for you and your family?

Insurance helps you invest in your future – by purchasing and paying insurance premiums, you are making sure that if the unexpected happens and you're hit with a huge bill, your insurance company will be there to step in and take care of it for you.

The unexpected can vary

What would you do if the following were to happen? Could you afford to remedy these situations?

  • Your belongings are damaged in a fire in your apartment building
  • A broken bone from a playground fall lands you and your child in the ER
  • You rear-end the car in front of you and cause damage to the vehicle
  • Your dog gets sick and needs to visit the vet

There's nothing too far out of the ordinary for any of these situations, but they can be expensive. When times get tough, insurance can help you remain financial stable.

How can MyLifeProtected help?

Not everyone needs all of the insurance products we offer, but if you are open to risk in one of these areas, it is wise not only to purchase insurance, but also consider how much coverage you personally need. We've created buying guides for all of our products that walk you through their purpose, their structure and provide you with tips on determining exactly how much coverage you need and how to recognize areas where you may be vulnerable.