Tend Home Plus

While appliance and home system breakdowns are inevitable, they are not covered under homeowners policies. For just $52.99 + tax, you can protect yourself from unexpected costs with the Tend Home Plus plan.

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What's Covered?

If it breaks, call us and we'll get it fixed, with up to $15,000 total annual coverage for just $52.99 a month + tax.

Terms & Conditions

  • Home Systems

    Up to $5,000/yr*

  • Appliances

    Up to $5,000/yr

  • Plumbing

    Up to $2,500/yr

  • Electrical

    Up to $2,500/yr

  • Home Items

    Up to $2,500/yr

Key Features from

  • No exclusions on age, make, model or quantity

  • Use the service provider of your choice

  • Digital and automated claims process

  • 24/7/365 support when you need us most

  • Unlimited service calls

  • Covers two HVAC systems

* $2,500.00 limit if HVAC is 15 years old or older at the time of claim.