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Get Roamly RV coverage created by experts in the industry, and RV owners just like you.

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Features of RV Insurance from Roamly.

  • Full coverage

    We offer coverage for all RVs, including unique inventory like DIY and uplifted Class Bs and camper vans.

  • Storage coverage

    Our exclusive Storage Coverage can cut your premium in half by suspending the coverages, such as liability and collision, you don’t need when your RV isn’t in use.

  • Rental incentives

    Roamly policyholders are free to rent out their rig without breaking the terms of their policy.

  • Personal effect coverage

    We cover the full replacement cost of the personal belongings in your RV. Everything from laptops and linens, to hammocks and hiking sticks, up to $3,000.

  • Emergency expense coverage

    We cover lodging, transportation, and meal expenses if your RV is inoperable due to a covered loss and you’re more than 50 miles from home.

  • Vacation liability coverage

    Get up to $300,000 worth of protection for incidents like slip-and-falls and campfire-related losses. Vacation Liability Coverage keeps you safe wherever the road takes you.

Save More Money.
Make More Money.

Save up to 35%* on a comprehensive RV insurance policy that covers all your personal use. And, if you want to rent out your RV, Roamly covers all.

* New Roamly customers getting personal policies for travel trailers and Class B RVs tended to see the largest savings of 35% or more off their existing policies when getting comprehensive coverage in 2023.